To Go box

When installing both the liner and lid, it is easier to start with the lid.

The lid installs in 4 easy steps:

  1. Lay the lid behind the basket.
  2. Attach the velcro around the middle basket rail.
  3. Close the remaining hook portion over the top rail. 
  4. Attach the buckle straps through the bottom rails on the front of the basket.


The To Go Box Liner attaches to the basket via the snap hooks. Each hook goes over the top of the basket and snaps onto the mid rail.

My Little Bungee

My Little Bungee is an adjustable bungee cord designed for use with Wald baskets. Check out the videos and pictures for some ideas on how to use My Little Bungee.

Each end easily snaps onto the basket rails and can be tightened by pulling on the tail of the cord. Combine two or more to create an adjustable cargo net.

They also can be used as a gear strap or to secure anything that needs to be held in place. Check out the videos and pictures for some ideas on how to use My Little Bungee.

The Snack Pack stembag

The Snack Pack attaches via 2 included Velcro Onewrap straps and a shock cord + Toggle.

With the mesh pocket facing towards the rider, one strap goes through the horizontal webbing and attaches to your stem. The other strap goes through the webbing and attaches to your handlebars. To stabilize the bag use the shock cord + toggle through the bottom of the vertical webbing and around your head tube, fork, or spacer stack.

If you are running 2 Snack Packs, you can use the same velcro strap on both bags around the stem as well as the same shock cord + toggle

The Seat roll up saddlebag

The Seat Roll Up is designed to have a set of tools inside. If it’s empty it wont fit as well.  It secures to your saddle rails with the attached webbing and cam buckle. To open the magnetic buckle, push both sides towards each other.

The rolltop is designed to roll towards the webbing 3 times before buckling. You can roll more or less if you don’t mind how the buckle sits.

First, pack your tube and tools into the bag, for the most secure installation pack your tools around the tube, don’t stack them on top of the tube. The bag is most water resistant if the roll top is rolled towards the webbing.

Lace the webbing over one saddle rail, through a webbing loop,  then over the second saddle rail. Feed the webbing through the open cam buckle, cinch it tight and lock the buckle. To change the angle of how the bag sits, go through a different webbing loop.

the day trip framebag

The Day Trip attaches to your top tube via 3 Velcro Onewrap straps and secures to your down tube or head tube with the included shockcord + Toggle.

The bag can be flipped 180 degrees to best fit different frame sizes. The double zipper pulls allows you to always keep the pulls away from your legs regardless of how you fit it to your frame.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out through the contact page or message me on Instagram.